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The latest development of Gavin Gao sexual assault case If Charges by real, Will be sentenced for 20
2018-03-30 16:51 星关系   

Recently, the Chinese actor Gavin Gao and Jing Wong in Australia Sydney sexual assault case, had sent although Gavin Gao studio said in a statement about Gavin Gao sexual assault is false news, Australian police have stepped in to verify. Dong xuan also expressed confidence in her husband Gavin Gao. But after all, there is no smoke without fire. From the statement of the studio, it can be seen that Gavin Gao has a relationship with this matter, and the lawyer analyzes that it is unlikely that Gavin Gao will return to China in the short term.




Chinese actor Gavin Gao was charged on Monday, in a shangri-la hotel in Sydney, sexually assaulted a woman, woman told police in addition to Gavin Gao, and one called Jing Wong, the two people have been arrested by the police, was charged with sexual assault charges.

She and Gavin Gao and Jing Wong entered a hotel room in a shangri-la hotel in Sydney on Monday, and they sexually assaulted them, the daily mail reported. One of the men was arrested on Tuesday afternoon in a hotel room in shangri-la, shortly after another man was arrested in Haymarket, Sydney's CBD.

On Wednesday the two men through the video, the central district court in Sydney on trial, both a brief appearance in the video, according to their lawyer, pleaded not guilty to 2 people, and in the future to apply for bail. The case will return to court in June.

Not to mention the influence of Gavin Gao's sexual assault on himself, several of the TV series he starred in will not be broadcast if they are found guilty. The biography of the qing,the north range of the four seasons song mu (su) which zha and Yang Jian (sing a song, YingEr), 'never', 'impressive YueLei' (li man), 'tango', that the romance '(michelle). The investors are about to cry.

Was arrested on suspicion of sexual assault against the 'Joe', the relevant legal analysis, if you are in real sexual assault case, and if the circumstances are serious, the highest possible imprisonment for 20 years, even ordinary highest sexual abuse in prison in 14 years.

责任编辑: 董佳鑫 TS001
责任编辑: 董佳鑫 TS001