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LUCE,SHFT厂牌创始人,SHFT是始于2012年的中国顶尖派对组织团体,曾把Skrillex、ASAP Rocky带入大众视线中。




Please introduce yourself.

I’m from Toronto Canada, I came to Shanghai in 2011 for a study exchange program with my University. At that time I started throwing some small parties for international students. Fast forward to 2021, me and my team at SHFT are holding events all over the country, touring international artists, managing some amazing local artists, and running a music recording studio in Shanghai. Oh, and I also have a barbershop here in Shanghai.

I treat DJ as a hobby and as a way to stay more connected to nightlife culture, and to be more accessible to young people and new artists.

我来自加拿大多伦多,2011年因为一个大学里的交换项目来到上海,从那时开始为留学生们举办一些小型派对。快进到2021年,我和我们SHFT的团队正在全国各地举办活动,包括一些国际巡回的艺人以及管理一些优秀的本土艺人,并在上海经营一家录音室。 哦对了,我在上海还有一家理发店。



What made you choose to stay in shanghai?

I love Shanghai city. There is a lot of great people in this city, a lot of entrepreneurs , and hustlers, all trying to accomplish their dreams. The city has a good vibe, and I feel at home here. For clubs, well LeBaron was a favorite before it closed, you can find me DJing in Ninja and 44Kw once a month. I also like KOR and Amber.

我爱上海这座城市。这个城市有很多厉害的人,很多创业者和奋斗者都在努力实现自己的梦想。 这里的氛围很好,有家的感觉。

如果要推荐club的话,LeBaron歇业之前是最受欢迎的,另外我每月会在 Ninja 和 44Kw做一次 DJ,KOR 和 Amber也值得推荐。



How about introducing SHFT? We’re interested.

SHFT has always been about providing young people with fun and unique event experiences, bringing people their favorite artists from overseas, and supporting local artists develop their talent and careers.



What do you think of the most popular Chinese rapper?

I have so much respect and appreciation from 思唯 with everything he has accomplished while keeping it real, and really pushing the culture in the right direction.



Have you ever watched TV show The Rap of China and Listen Up ?

Yeah, I have been watching Rap of China since season 1 and have had my own artists participate in both shows. The shows definitely have their pros and cons but no one can deny that these shows brought Hip Hop to the masses and have contributed to the success of many local artists.



Which international stars do you love most and why? And which song do you listen to recently?

Post Malone, Drake, SuicideBoys, Gucci Mane, Young Thug, The Weeknd. These are my top artists currently. I like artists that make me feel a type of way; happy, sad, excited.. I want music that makes me feel emotions. I like post Malones new song “Motley Crew” but I listen to a lot of meditation sounds, and , when I’m in the office.

Post Malone, Drake, SuicideBoys, Gucci Mane, Young Thug, The Weeknd,这些都是目前我最爱的艺人。我喜欢能让我感受到快乐、悲伤或兴奋这些情感的音乐和艺人,推荐一首post Malones的新歌“Motley Crew”给大家吧。不过在办公时间,我会听很多冥想的声音和chill hop类型的音乐。



What do you always bring in your backpack?

My back pack always has my Mac because I’m constantly working, I keep a stack of cash in my bag incase I ever lose my phone and need some cash. I keep my Boulder pods in my bag for sure. Can’t go anywhere without my boulder or I might lose my mind haha.

我包里总是装着Mac,因为我一直在工作,还会放一叠现金以备不时之需。 当然了,我还会装着Boulder,没有它我可能会失去理智。


Which flavor of Boulder do you like most?

I prefer Thai Mango, I enjoy nice fresh fruit flavors, and nothing tastes more fresh and a Thailand mango ahaha.



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